What We Do Save a Dog – Help a Veteran and improve the lives of both

We provide veterans from the Armed Forces and Emergency Services suffering with PTSD the benefit of specially trained assistance dogs, with NO COST to the veteran for the training programme.

The dogs we use are carefully selected from rescue to help the veterans. Once a dog has been selected, a veteran gets partnered with their dog and the veteran will get taught how to train their dogs, look after them, become a responsible guardian and much more – all under the guidance of professional dog trainers. It takes around 9 – 12 months of training for the Assistance Dog Partnership to graduate and achieve ADI standards.

This a journey the partnership will take together for their mutual benefit.

Initially Hampshire, Sussex and Surrey based, we hope to be able to go nationwide within 5 years.

Our Mission Statement

Ambassadog Merz

Ambassadog Merz spreading the word!

Service Dogs UK will train and provide assistance dogs to support members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services who have PTSD. We will use dogs from rescue centres to achieve unique partnerships that will greatly enhance the lives of both. We will continue to support the partnerships as part of our ongoing commitment to ‘those that serve’, past or present.

We will raise awareness of PTSD as a significant danger to our veterans by our activities and by education. We will also research and develop ways of improving the lives of our injured service people through interaction with dogs and the therapeutic benefits that they provide.

Our Values & Ethics

Service Dogs UK aim to support and assist veterans of the armed forces and members of the emergency services.  We want to ‘give back’ some of the commitment they have given to our society through their ‘service’. We also want to give rescue dogs a second chance.

Our values are: respect and appreciation for those who have given ‘service’ and we will honour that service by ensuring we act with integrity and honesty in every aspect of what we do and how we operate.

We will promote and further the organisation by ethical means which will include our sponsors, partners, business practises and operating methods.  We will look closely at each part of our organisation to ensure that we are not involved with any persons, companies  or products that are cruel or harmful to animals or that causes human suffering or is harmful to the environment or endangers animals or their habitats. We will be open and transparent in what we do to ensure that we are a trustworthy organisation that will maintain its values throughout its lifetime.

Through our mission we want to remove the stigma surrounding PTSD together with the stigma in relation to ‘rescue dogs’.