Ajax has passed and found his veteran!

Great news! Ajax has passed his four-week residential assessment with flying colours, he loves learning. We feel delighted and extremely lucky that Dogs Trust were able to help us find this remarkable dog that came to them as a stray. Ajax has now been partnered with Lee (pictured) a veteran of the Army and the Fire Service and those two really clicked very quickly forming an amazing bond. They have started training in earnest with two of our excellent dog trainers.

This is an exciting time for them both, the training will take 9 – 12 months, but more importantly we hope the journey will help them learn to love life again!

Emotions …

sm2Just with the introductions everyone was a little emotional; Julie, Lee’s partner, afterwards said “I have not seen him (Lee) smile in years…“. It was for everyone a very special moment.

Lee himself has made a very big step, we never underestimate the bravery it takes to commit to a programme like ours where you are challenging your fears every day. When you struggle daily with PTSD, which is for many, the biggest battle they have ever faced, it helps to have a loyal fur all like Ajax to help you meet the challenge!.

Support …

Lee was referred to us via Vicki Pattenden, Sussex Armed Forces Champion Coordinator and his NHS mental health worker and she will also be supporting him throughout.

Wondering how you can help?

There is PLENTY you can do to make the difference!

  1. donations are needed to cover transport costs, insurance and training aids – click here – this really where we need you!
  2. be creative and fundraise as all the pounds count! Perhaps you can organise an event? How about a sponsored dog walk or coffee morning? we have plenty ideas here.

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