Colt has found his match in Steven

Very handsome Colt has been partnered with Steven, an Emergency Services veteran.

Colt now lives with Steven and his family and everyone absolutely loves him – crazy antics and all! Colt is a beautiful young dog who loves to train but also loves to be a little bit of a joker with many “crazy leg” moments!

This partnership is notable as very quickly Colt and Steven seemed “in sync” for a want of a better word. It’s always so special for us to observe how important bonds like these are formed. Both have had to work hard and continue to learn each other’s quirks – but they have come so very far already in such a short space of time.

“Having Colt means that I have a support system 24/7. He helps me manage my symptoms a little better. Sometimes he can give me the help I need just to leave the house or go to the supermarket or the doctor. More often it’s having company/contact where it’s ok not to have to talk or pretend to be ok and sometimes it’s just that he can put a smile on my face…a genuine one.”

As a Service Dogs UK PTSD Assistance dog, Colt will learn over 90 commands and be able to help Steven with things such as interrupting flashbacks, awakening him from nightmares, helping him with panic attacks. Both Steven and Colt still have a very long way to go, they have lots of training to do and skills to learn. They will get to know each other inside out but most importantly they will become the very best of friends, helping each other to live life in a different way.

Colt, from Dogs Trust, has gone from rescue dog to an assistance dog in training to help Steven. He will be at his side to support him through his daily battles, to put a smile on his face and to help him to enjoy life again, these are some of the benefits of Service Dogs UK’s programme.

How you can make the difference!

There are many ways you can make a difference to veterans of the Armed Forces/Emergency Services with PTSD and their assistance dogs;

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