Dezi is partnered with Police Officer Paul

Dezi & Paul

Dezi & Paul

You might have seen Dezi, a lab-cross from Dogs Trust, a few times on our social media and we have great news regarding his progress!

Dezi has made the big leap and has found his best friend. Dezi has been partnered with Paul, a Police Officer, together they are learning to become one of our PTSD Assistance Dog partnerships.

Dezi is a real smartie pants, with a cheeky side (of course!) and loves living with Paul and his family. Dezi new hobbies include narrow boating, swimming and is already making a real difference to Paul and his family in coping with his PTSD.

Dezi & PaulPaul, who has been struggling with PTSD for quite some time, said:

“After struggling with PTSD and other issues for some time on my own I told my family and sought the help I needed. My wife found Service Dogs UK online and knew my love of dogs would help the situation. We applied and went through the application process, started training and then got partnered with the best dog I could have hoped for, his soft ears, silky fur and loyal, loving demeanour and love of training meant we hit it off straight away. He has been fantastic to me and changed my life in a matter of weeks. He knows when I need a cuddle, some space or a walk. He has made best friends with our son, Oliver and always goes upstairs does his “Night Night” routine. He accompanies me to the shops and new places – places I struggled to visit before getting him. In short – He has changed my world…”

As a Service Dogs UK PTSD Assistance dog, Dezi will learn over 90 commands and be able to help Paul with things such as interrupting flashbacks, awakening him from nightmares, helping him with panic attacks. Both Paul and Dezi still have a very long way to go, they have lots of training to do and skills to learn. They will get to know each other inside out but most importantly they will become the very best of friends, helping each other to live life in a different way


Dezi & PaulHow you can make the difference!

There are many ways you can make a difference to veterans of the Armed Forces/Emergency Services with PTSD and their assistance dogs;

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