Do’s & Don’t of Supporting Someone with PTSD

Be a friend and a true support. Part of the stigma of PTSD is that because you cannot see it, it’s not real. Stigma means people struggle coming forward, seeking help which ultimately means a delay or no help in terms of receiving treatment, it is causing people to suffer in silence… here are our Do’s & Don’t of Supporting Someone with PTSD.


  • Offer unsolicited advice
  • Say you’ll get over it, or it’s “just” the past
  • Stop someone from talking about their fears or feelings
  • Tell them they are lucky; it could be worse
  • Invalidate, minimise, or deny someone’s traumatic experiences
  • Tell someone everything happens for a reason…
  • Make someone feel weak


  • Ask how they are doing – take the initiative – send a text, email or give them a buzz.
  • Provide support; be a friend, let them know you care
  • Make sure they know you are there for them IF they want to talk
  • Be a good listener
  • Be patient, a safe haven & trustworthy.


More information

Service Dogs UK is open for Application from Veterans/Members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, with a clinical PTSD diagnosis in West Sussex, Surrey and East & North Hampshire – click here to find out more.

Want to make a difference veterans with PTSD & rescue dogs?

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