We’re finalists for the Soldiering on Awards!

We had some amazing news this week… The Soldiering On Awards have listed Service Dogs UK and one of our PTSD Assistance Dog Partnerships; veteran Mark Lanchbery and Jerry as one of three  finalists!

Not in a million years did we expect this and all of us, trainers, volunteers, veterans are over the moon, we even think the Assistance Dogs and Assistance Dogs in Training are wagging their tails a little harder!

What it means to us is a recognition that we are doing good and the amazing achievements of our PTSD Assistance Dog Partnerships. Ultimately with a small charity like ourselves to make it work, it’s all about the trust the veterans put in us, the trust of volunteers and trainers and building the friendships  between people and amazing dogs.

Our Category “Pets at Home Animal Partnership” will be decided by public vote, so expect a e-newsletter, facebook updates, tweets as we will need you, as great supporters, to vote for us!

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Mark and Jerry are one of our earlier PTSD Assistance Dog Partnerships, who after completing the programme, become mentors to the new veterans and dogs joining the programme.

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