Fostering – Can you make ALL the difference?

Fostering is absolutely vital to our organisation; this is really where YOU can make the difference to both a dog and a veteran.

Fostering is a real commitment so do consider it seriously as whilst it is extremely rewarding, it, especially in the beginning, is not always plain sailing. We need people with the amazing patience to let the dog settle in.

Bella in Foster

Rescue dogs may have baggage and suffered trauma so considerable patience is needed eg. separation anxiety, howling at night and being clingy and needy until they feel a bit more confident. This isn’t all of them by any means but unfortunately whilst we will select the most suitable candidates from rescue it CAN HAPPEN! The dogs we select tend to be adults of a range of breeds and crossbreeds, generally medium in size.

The period in foster makes a huge difference to the dogs, your help makes it so much easier for us to match the dog to a PTSD veteran, we will need your input just as much as the trainers’ input who will work alongside you.

Initially, our rescue dogs will be placed with a foster, for a thorough assessment and basic training given by a dog trainer, after this period the dog will be moved to the veteran to complete his/her PTSD and Assistance Dog training.

What you need to be a successful foster;

  • be based in the area of West ‪Sussex‬, ‪Surrey‬ and East & North ‪Hampshire‬
  • be able to attend training classes & have your own transport (we can pay for travel expenses)
  • be open to people visiting you for a home-check and visits from a trainer
  • be extremely committed
  • be patient and kind with the rescue dog and able to follow through with training exercises.
  • be interested in positive reward based dog training

You must be able to love this dog as your own but also love him or her enough to let go when the time is right, you would be vital to us, but more importantly to the person with PTSD who’s life will be changed because of your kindness

We will provide you with all the basic care needs, and will cover any veterinary bills and transport costs.


Please leave your details here – and we will get in touch at the earliest opportunity!

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