Graduation of Steven & Colt and Paul & Dezi

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We had a FANTASTIC weekend graduating 2 more PTSD Assistance Dog teams!

Earlier this month Steven, Emergency Services Veteran and Colt together with Police officer Paul and Dezi were put through their paces to test if they, after all their months of hard work, were ready to become PTSD Assistance Dog Teams. They rose to the challenge and did incredibly well, a huge achievement for both the humans as well as the handsome dogs!

On Saturday evening, we held our Graduation Dinner to celebrate their PTSD Assistance Dog Team achievements. Surrounded by other veterans and their dogs, friends, family, sponsors, funders and fosters we had a GREAT night! We feel that the veterans have a real insight on how life has changed. We were honoured to have Caroline Nicholls, in her role as the High Sheriff of West Sussex, presenting our gratitude to our team and doing the presentations to the graduating partnerships. It gave a very prestigious feel to a wonderful evening.

The change in our veterans these dogs make is incredible; all, 4 footers included, have come so incredibly far!

For the dogs being with their veterans is a true life change and these 2 rescue dogs, from Dogs Trust, are truly happy much-loved dogs who enjoy doing their Assistance Dog jobs for their best friends and enjoying being part of a family.

There was so much “love” in the room, positively buzzing with a sense of achievement and above all pride for the veterans but also we (Garry & Judith) feel proud of our amazing team!

Trainers, fosters, our other volunteers, our funders and sponsors Nutriment, Dog Trust, Pet Plan Charitable Trust and Caroline (High Sheriff of West Sussex) – you all truly are making the difference in people’s lives and thank you for attending. Finally, a thank you to our veterans for putting your trust in us to start with… you are special people who never gave up, continued to push yourselves, who committed to new and long, at times tough, journey by joining the programme to not only help yourself but help a dog in need.

All of you are removing the stigma and, as on Saturday, are now open enough to sometimes give people an insight of what life is/has been like if you suffer daily with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. It is these windows into another world that increases people’s understanding of PTSD and the important role Assistance Dogs can play.

We like to thank the following people and companies for kindly giving us our goodie bag items Acme Whistles, Kong Company, Bull Dog, Anicura, Natural Balance Foods UK, Helgard & Jane which made everyone quite spoiled.

How you can make the difference!

There are many ways you can make a difference to veterans of the Armed Forces/Emergency Services with PTSD and their assistance dogs;

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