Lee’s Roller Disco!

Roller Disco

A true Feel Good Friday Message from Lee: Roller Disco’s

Lee went with his sons (8 & 9 years) and his PTSD Assistance Dog, Ajax, to a kiddie roller disco!! 

Lee did feel quite anxious of the time constraints as kids needed picking up from school, dinners needed to be made, clothing changed and be on time at the disco. Then, of course, the trepidation of the actual disco; going somewhere new; a new place, new people! Lots of kids!

Ajax and Lee

But they did it, together as a team with Lee’s boys! Lee said it truly was amazing, we had a wonderful time – Lee even stopped sitting on the ‘sidelines’ of the hall and got his skates on and did some skating with a very happy Ajax at his side, surrounded by kids.

When I first entered, I was feeling apprehensive, stressed and anxious and Ajax was picking up on the trepidation and nudged me, stayed closed and calmed me down.”

“2 Years ago, before Ajax came into my life, I knew if I needed to do anything, I’d be on my own so I did very little – I did nothing with my children – I couldn’t. I never ever would have thought I would be able to do these things with my kids. Now I don’t feel alone anymore, now it’s me and my mate, Ajax, facing the world together and it allows me to try new things out and have really important experiences with my children. It’s no longer ‘I’ it’s ‘we’; me and Ajax.

Makes us so very proud of Lee and Ajax! Truly this man and dad has come a very long way!

Lee is a fire service and army veteran who was partnered with Ajax, a Dogs Trust stray, together they became a PTSD Assistance Dog Partnership.


More information

Service Dogs UK is open for Application from Veterans/Members of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services, with a clinical PTSD diagnosis in West Sussex, Surrey and East & North Hampshire – click here to find out more.

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