Magical Monkeys – A story of PTSD & toe nibbling

Benny, is a very special rescue doggy; the words that spring to mind with this glorious dog bottled sunshine, cheeky monkey, clever and perfect for his Army veteran Steve. Benny is currently in training to become an assistance dog.

Steve really struggles with sleeping, due to his PTSD, most nights are interrupted with nightmares and it’s very difficult to get back to sleep. At Service Dogs UK we train our dogs to interrupt nightmares, to wake our clients in time so as to allow the veteran to be able to “shake off” the nightmare and allow them to fall back to sleep again. In part we train the dog to lick the face for example.

Sometimes, however, a veteran can be so in the throws of the nightmare that this doesn’t help, as figured out by Benny recently.
Benny, using his own clever and resourceful brain came up with an alternative solution… he nibbled Steve’s toes and Steve woke up from his nightmare.

Steve said…

“it was amazing, I woke up and there was Benny at the end of the bed, he came up to me, licked me in the face, checked I was OK and we had a big cuddle”

For Steve this meant that instead of being up the rest of the night, he was able to fall back to sleep again with having the reassurance and cuddle of his dog Benny.

“For me this has been a big change, knowing he is always there, making sure I am OK”.

Steve however does wish that Benny would wipe his paws better after coming in from the garden!

“I seem to be forever cleaning up after him”

Benny does like a “bit” of mud, he’s a proper dog! He also loves! loves! the sofa…

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