Love found its way through the ‘lockdown’ for our new Partnership, Katherine and Ben!

“PTSD gradually drained almost every bit of life from me. I had nothing left to fight with, nothing left of me that I recognised, nothing left that mattered. And the scariest thing was I didn’t care, or couldn’t care, about that, about anything. Then along came Ben. Every day he teaches me something about life that had been lost to me. He reminded me how to laugh, something I used to do a lot, it had been such a long time the feeling and sound was strange in my mouth. I smile, I feel, I speak, all had been missing for a long while. I inhabit my body again, slowly, previously an empty shell. Life with Ben around is like the first warm sun in Spring. Fresh starts, new life, light and bright and offering hope.”
Love found its way through the ‘lockdown’ for our new Partnership, Katherine and Ben! Even the awful pandemic couldn’t stop them from training together via video link and becoming our latest ‘team!’ Where there’s a will there’s a way and at SDUK we are really pleased that these two have turned the ‘tide’ and are ‘sailing’ through our training together! Katherine is from Search and Rescue and Ben has been a fabulous find from Dogs Trust. Together their future looks bright!

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