One Year On… and Meet Mark & Jerry

Last year on this day, 09/03/15, we set out with lots of ideas, plans and a hope we would have support…. well support we got! Lots of it, so to all of you who have been cheering us on here is a small review of you have helped us to achieve… plus a wonderful surprise!

What we set out to do…

[1.] Provide and train assistance dogs for veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Services…

markWe are delighted to be able to announce that we have a 2nd veteran on the programme now!
Lee, a veteran of the Fire Service and Army with Ajax has been joined by Mark, an Army veteran with Jerry.
It is because of your support we were recently able to take on Mark.
Mark served in the Army for 10 years and is training Jerry a lovely and extremely bright rescue cocker spaniel. Together they have embarked on this journey and are growing extremely close.

[2.] We will raise awareness of PTSD as a significant danger to our veterans by our activities and by education…

We have been very active this year, we have visited various out-reach groups and programmes.

We have created and presented presentations within the services to enable people to respond quicker and to recognise when their colleagues might need help and how to access help.

We had a lot of press coverage which has allowed to raise the awareness of PTSD and at the same time highlight what we do.

[3.] Research and develop ways of improving the lives of our injured service people through interaction with dogs and the therapeutic benefits that they provide…

Through Garry’s Winston Churchill’s Memorial Trust Travelling Grant we were able to research how the leading organisations in the US and the Netherlands are training assistance dogs for veterans with PTSD.

We are recording the progress made by veterans throughout the programme and hopefully in the years to come this will be very valuable to be able to improve not only Service Dogs UK further but also others working with dogs and mental health.


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