Paul & Dezi: PTSD Assistance Dog Team

Paul and Dezi recently graduated as a PTSD Assistance Dog Team and gave us some feedback which we love to share with you.

“I have been suffering from PTSD for some time and 2 years ago it all came to a head with everything falling apart around me. I finally admitted I had a problem and started the long road of recovery – which I am still travelling. I have tried various treatments, medications and counselling with some success and improvement in my condition. One of the support strategies I found while surfing the net for “PTSD treatments” was SDUK.

I thought about it for a long time and my wife finally convinced me to make the call. Following the application process and meeting the team we began training. In May I met Dezi, a goofy black hound and fell in love. he and I had a link, a bond, something that just clicked.

As the weeks passed we grew stronger and in July I was told he would be coming home with me. He settled in straight away and things just got better. The cuddles, training, having something else to think about and concentrate on just made life a little better.

Now we are a PTSD Assistance Dog Team and he is my shadow and support. He is still a bit of a goofy idiot – but he is my idiot and I would be lost without him. I cannot thank the management and training team of SDUK enough, they have changed a lot for me and my family. – Thank you.” ~



How you can make the difference!

There are many ways you can make a difference to veterans of the Armed Forces/Emergency Services with PTSD and their assistance dogs;

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  1. 13th December 2018

    […] this month Steven, Emergency Services Veteran and Colt together with Police officer Paul and Dezi were put through their paces to test if they, after all their months of hard work, were ready to […]