PTSD Poem by Edge

Ambassadog Splash

The moon is bright
And Yes, I’m still awake
it will soon be light
As we head towards daybreak

Did I have a terror
Did I have a nightmare
I rarely know these days
But my companion who sleeps beside me
Can tell in many ways

Have you guessed who this might be
Lets see if you can guess
And the first clue is
Her coat is always a mess

She snores like a trooper
And farts that smell of sprouts
She’s lovely, tender and caring
But not when you take her out

Once out in the open
She becomes quite a different beast
Running around and being a nuisance
Always looking for that odd and free feast

For those that haven’t guessed
I’m talking about my dog Splash
Well, it couldn’t be the wife
Her farts don’t have the same panache

You see Splash is my special little dog
She helps with my PTSD
She knows when I’m down
And she comes to lay with me

Now there is a new charity
Called Service Dogs UK
They help people like me
In there own special way

Assisting sufferers of PTSD
is a worthy contribution to make
For our military and emergency services
and the daily horrors that they face

So please check out our website and lend us a hand
It’s a worthwhile cause
To help those that still suffer
Because they’re fighting there personal wars

Oh and don’t forget little Splash
An ambassadog for this cause
Who has the biggest heart
But the smallest of paws

(Edge served in the Falklands and in Ireland with the Royal Navy. He was exposed to traumatic events while in the Armed Forces and while serving in the Police.)

April 2015

Splash (pictured is a wonderful Ambassadog)


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