A dog blog – from Beau!

Hello, my name is Beau I am a Labrador cross puppy. I am here to support my Veteran who has PTSD,  we have been together for a whole month!  I live and work with him 24/7 and I am enjoying being out and about with him at our Police HQ in Lewes.

We train everyday together in the garden and on our walks and then twice a week we travel to West Sussex for formal training. This formal training is a group session with other veterans and their dogs. I get to say hello to all my doggie friends beforehand to catch up and then we begin our lessons. The training follows the Service Dogs manual which involves a number of tasks that we have to perform and practice. The training is very specialised and involves dealing with the key symptoms of PTSD. All this training is contributing towards me being a fully accredited assistance dog where all my skills are recognised internationally!

My typical day is usually an early start with lots of cuddles, my Veteran then takes me for a long walk in the fields where we live. I get my breakfast as he gets ready for work.  I have a specially worked out diet as a working dog but I do get treats. Once we arrive at Police HQ, after I have said my hello’s to everyone, I settle down under the desk and usually have a snooze and dream about all the smells and the pheasants I saw on my morning walk. Mid-morning is ball play and I get some exercise on the lawn  which is where I recently met the Chief Constable who just loves dogs! It’s then back in the office so my Veteran can work or we go across to the offices to see the social media team. Just after lunch I get another short walk and then it’s back to the office again. At the end of the day me and my Veteran go home, I get another walk, then have my dinner and settle in for the night.

My favourite things are ‘off lead’ walks and retrieving a ball which I would do all day if I was allowed to!  In the morning I usually get to see the hounds from the local hunt as they run down our lane. I shout and bark at them as they run past our garden & I get to say hello as they come up very close to the fence, they all have names although “Crumpet” is the name I hear shouted the most!

Assistance Dog, Beau

My Veteran received his diagnosis of PTSD earlier this year and soon after he saw an advertisement in the Police canteen for Service Dogs UK https://www.servicedogsuk.org. Service Dogs UK is a charity that trains and provides PTSD assistance dogs who are carefully selected from rescue to support members of the Emergency Services and the Armed Forces who have a diagnosis of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder. It’s great that Sussex Police let me come to work with him because they are recognising his PTSD so that he is fully supported in the workplace. Sussex Police has recently formed the ground-breaking Enable Post-Traumatic Stress Support Group. The enable group is intended to help all staff serving and retired and to also provide support to the family of those affected by Post-Traumatic Stress. This is open and available to all police staff who deal with difficult and troubling situations on a daily basis so please don’t be afraid to ask, there is help if you need it.

Right, I have work to do! Thanks for reading and being kind, a big high ‘paw’ to all of you with love from me and my Veteran!

To help fund the training of Assistance Dogs, for Armed Services & Emergency Services Veterans who suffer from PTSD as a result of work, please visit our ‘Furever Friends – Transforming PTSD Lives’ Aviva Community Fund page.

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