support be the difference!

Apart from donating, there are lots of ways you can support us. It makes all the difference to the brave men and women we are trying to help, as well as rescue dogs.
We have received amazing support and rely on grants from other organisations and businesses as well as the generosity of the public.


Support as a Foster

Fostering is absolutely vital to our organisation; this is really where YOU can make the difference to both a dog and a veteran and support is very welcome.

Fostering is a real commitment and do consider it seriously as whilst it is extremely rewarding, it, especially in the beginning, is not always plain sailing. We need people with the amazing patience to let the dog settle in, this period might be 2 – 3 months, after this period the dog will be placed with the veteran to complete the programme.

We are currently looking for fosters based in the area of East Hampshire, Surrey and West Sussex. We will provide you with all the basic care needs, and will cover any veterinary bills and transport costs.

For more in-depth information about Fostering for Service Dogs UK – click here.


Support as a Dog Trainer

Are you a Dog Trainer full of passion for dogs & people and based in Hampshire, Sussex or Surrey?

We are looking for experienced, talented and positive reinforcement dog trainers to help our veterans train our rescue dogs to become assistance dogs!

To work as a dog trainer for Service Dogs UK involves working with dogs from rescue and people of all ages, some of whom may have physical or mental health problems.

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Events are a great and fun way to raise money for Service Dogs UK, whether it’s a ball, a coffee morning, an organised dog walk. Perhaps you are intending to really challenge yourself with a massive marathon or other sporting events…. do let us know  we would love to hear from you and we can help you make it a great success!

We also have some great fundraising ideas, plus downloads to help you.


If you are a business…

We would welcome sponsors and are very open to any suggestions.

We receive support from businesses in a variety of ways:

  • In kind (provision of food, dog essentials or courses)
  • In financial terms such as direct funding, office fundraisers, X% of profit donations or specific products being sold for our charity.

If you have an idea on how your business could be part of Service Dogs UK please do let us know – Do get in touch!