Fundraising Ideas & How To

Here are some great Fundraising Ideas and how to go about Fundraising to support our valuable work.

Our work is ONLY possible through your generosity kindness and passion to help us make the change for veterans and rescue dogs. We do not receive any external funding and rely solely on donations.

For downloading posters, leaflets and more – click here.

How to

1. Decide on What you are going to do

You really can do just about anything, there is a list below to give you some ideas.

2. Decide where and when…

Planning can take time, so the earlier you can start the better. Put your dates in the diary and if it requires friends or colleagues make sure they know well in advance.

Do you need a venue? If you do some venues might even be able to offer you a discount.

3. Create your own Fundraising Page

Click here to create it on JustGiving, select “Fundraise for us”. This will also give you lots of options to share with your friends. Any money raised automatically will include GiftAid.

4. Ask for help.

Do you need prizes; ask local businesses for example.

Do you need a hand with the organisation, ask friends – this can also be a big part of the fun!

Get in teach with us we might be able to help you spread the word via social media and send you some leaflets and poster to print at home.

5. Set a target

Decide how much you really wish to raise it can help a great deal in terms of keeping track of money coming in and what it might cost to do your fundraiser.

6. Spread the word

Once you have done all the preparations and know what, where and when – spread the word, let your friends, family, teammates, colleagues know.

Also, spread posters or use local intranets at work if you can. If it’s a big event then why not get in touch with the local newspaper or radio.

If you are online on Facebook or Twitter, use it – it is a great place to let people know what you are doing.

For downloading posters, leaflets and more – click here.

7. Hold your event

If your event is a bigger event do check with your local council if you need any permits.

Have fun and DO make lots of pictures and send them to us as nothing is more inspiring then people like yourself doing great stuff for Service Dogs UK plus it always puts a smile on our face!

8. Send the money

If you are not using JustGiving then you can send your donation to gift@servicedogsuk.org or press the button below, you do NOT need a PayPal account to donate via PayPal – they accept all major debit and credit cards.

You can make a donation by BACS by using the following account details:

Bank: Santander
Sort Code: 09/01/28
Account Number: 82363380
Account Name: Service Dogs UK

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Fundraising Ideas

  • agility fun day
  • (online) auction/raffle
  • art exhibition
  • bike rides
  • cake sales
  • coffee morning
  • (online) competitions
  • football competition
  •  fun dog days
  •  sponsored car wash
  • barn dance
  • musical event
  • marathons
  • triathlons
  • group dog walking
  • curry night
  • plant sales
  • fitness challenge
  • barbecue
  • motorbike ride
  • abseiling
  • afternoon teas
  • sponsored walk
  • comedy event