These are some of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) we get as an organisation and hopefully, this will provide some answers.


Why do you only help people from the Armed Forces or Emergency Services?

Our focus is to help those that have, through serving, paid the high price of PTSD.

We realise that there is a need overall for the provision of PTSD Assistance dogs and we hope that in the future, as the importance of such dogs is realised, this, much needed, help is offered to those outside the forces and services.

Why are you only in the South of England?

We have to start somewhere, whilst it is our ambition and aim to be nationwide we do not have the capability at this point in time to provide for veterans across the UK.

Can I train my own dog or puppy to be an assistance dog?

You are best seeking the advice of Assistance Dogs International and Assistance Dogs UK.

We do not offer pet dog training, Service Dogs UK carefully selects and matches a suitable rescue dog to a veteran.

Can I sign up for the programme with my own dog or puppy?

We do not normally work with people’s own dogs, but if you think your dog is capable of reaching the high standards that we set, please contact us. The rescue dogs that we use are specially selected and are individually matched to a Veteran by ourselves.

How do I accredit my own assistance dog or puppy?

Use Please seek the advice of Assistance Dogs International and Assistance Dogs UK.

Can I buy one of your dogs for myself?

Noour dogs are not for sale..

… we are NOT a commercial organisation. You can apply to take part in the programme and we welcome donations, however, the veterans who will be helped will be on a first come first served basis after careful assessment and programme acceptance, regardless of any donations.

What breed of dogs do you use?

We use rescue dogs who are clever, really enjoy learning and are big enough to perform the tasks needed to become a PTSD assistance dog.

We will not be selecting dogs on the basis of breed; but on their ability to become assistance dogs; they might be mutleys, pedigrees or crosses.

Why do you use rescue dogs?

We believe rescue dogs make great PTSD Assistance Dogs and many need a loving home and friendship.

For a veteran to “save” a life is hugely empowering.

What does your training programme cost?

The training programme is provided at NO COST to the veteran initially. However, there will be a contribution required towards insurance costs when the dog is deemed suitable to wear the training jacket and is with their Veteran. 

After this period we do expect veterans to be able to provide basic care for the dog. It’s an ethical point for us, we do not want to give dogs away for free – they are invaluable.

Can I come and visit?

No, our training is not open to the public, this enables us to protect the privacy of our clients.

What kind of training do you do?

To create a strong bond between dog and veteran you need trust and respect, therefore we use fun, empowerment, positive methods as tools to train our dogs.  This not only benefits the dog but equally the veteran – it makes everyone feel happier and motivated.

Training should be fun, we want dogs to figure “stuff” out themselves, learn with pleasure in safe, caring and fun environments and delight going to training… and they do! It means the relationship between a dog and guardian is stronger, reliable and is a partnership where the dog purchaseget code »fake watchesphone cases near meelf bar pods22 phone case chooses to be of a support.

Dogs, all dogs, are precious and as an organisation, we are the guardians of these special unique and individual beings – every choice we make is with this in mind; they deserve understanding, kindness, patience, respect and a great stimulating life filled with love.

Can I donate my dog for a veteran?

No, we are not a rescue organisation and are unable to take in dogs from the general public. For rehoming your dog please contact your local rescue.