Fostering where YOU can make the difference

Do you love dogs but don’t want the financial or long term commitment of full time ownership? We provide all the equipment, food, insurance and support you need to become a Fab Foster!


Are you passionate about making a positive impact on the lives of Veterans and dogs in need? Do you have the time, dedication and love to give? Service Dogs UK, a leading charity providing assistance dogs to Veterans with PTSD, is looking for compassionate individuals like you to become foster carers for their assistance dogs in training. By opening your heart and home to these incredible dogs, you can play a vital role in transforming lives. Read on to learn more about how you can become a foster carer and make a difference today.

Fulfil a Vital Role:
As a foster carer, you become an essential part of the journey to empower Veterans with PTSD. By providing a safe and loving environment for these remarkable dogs during their training period, you enable them to develop the skills and abilities necessary to support their future Veterans. Your role directly contributes to the success of the programme and helps create life-changing partnerships.
Make a Lasting Impact:
Fostering an assistance dog is a unique opportunity to create a lasting impact on the lives of both dogs and Veterans. By offering your time and care, you contribute to the well-being and growth of the dog, preparing them for their vital role in improving the lives of those who have served or are serving our country. Witnessing the positive transformation firsthand is an incredibly rewarding experience that will stay with you for a lifetime.
Receive Support and Training:
Service Dogs UK understands that becoming a foster carer is a significant commitment. That’s why they provide comprehensive support and training throughout the fostering process. From initial orientation sessions to ongoing guidance, you’ll receive the tools and knowledge necessary to ensure a successful fostering experience. The charity’s team of experts will be there to address any questions or concerns you may have, ensuring you feel confident and supported every step of the way.
Flexibility to Fit Your Lifestyle:
One of the fantastic aspects of being a foster carer for an assistance dog is the flexibility it offers. Have a family, or lead a busy lifestyle, there are various fostering opportunities to suit your availability and preferences. Service Dogs UK works closely with you to find a fostering arrangement that aligns with your schedule and ensures the dog receives the care and attention it needs.
Join a Supportive Community:
By becoming a foster carer, you’ll join a warm and caring community of like-minded individuals who share a common passion for helping Veterans and dogs in need. Service Dogs UK facilitates regular meet-ups, training sessions and social events where foster carers can connect, share experiences, and provide support to one another. The friendships and bonds formed within this community are invaluable and offer an additional layer of support throughout your fostering journey.

Becoming a foster carer for an assistance dog in training is an extraordinary opportunity to make a meaningful difference in the lives of Veterans with PTSD. By opening your heart and home, you provide the love, care, and guidance these remarkable dogs need to become life-changing companions. Take the first step today by contacting Service Dogs UK and join a community dedicated to transforming lives. Together, we can make a powerful impact and create brighter futures for both dogs and Veterans.

"Fostering for SDUK is extremely rewarding and a lot of fun! We receive great support from all the wonderful staff, volunteers and trainers that run this amazing charity that brings so much positive change to these dogs and their Veterans."

Fosters, Karen & Lee

Interested but still have a few questions? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions below.

The ability to care for the dog in your own home, as well as not leaving the dog for more than two hours until the dog is comfortable with a longer period, but no longer than 4 hours. And of course, giving the dog lots of love.

Between 2 month and 10 months although this is always subject to change, but we will keep you informed and find holiday cover if you provide us with sufficient notice.

Provide basic training and care while being able to drop the dog off at assistance dog training on Wednesdays and Saturdays.

Full training and guidance is given to all of our foster carers with ongoing support from staff as well as other foster carers.

All expenses around the dog are fully covered by the charity; this includes food, treats, equipment, vets bills and care products.

No, all dogs on the programme will become assistance dogs.

Most of our dogs come from the Dogs Trust and are highlighted for their potential by the Dogs Trust and then assessed by Service Dogs UK.

Because of the variety of dogs we take on, we can never guarantee a preferred breed of dog.

A WhatsApp group will be created for you to be supported by staff in all aspects of dog care and training, as well as a foster carer WhatsApp for peer support. If any ‘one to one’ training is required or help in a certain area our training team will conduct a ‘one to one’ session with the you and the dog.

Of course, however they would need to be used to living with a dog – and if you have a resident dog, they must be neutered.

Fortunately, this is a rarity, however in this case the dog would go back to the Dogs Trust.

Yes. You are encouraged to fill out a weekly report on the dog’s progress at home.

No. Just the ability to care for a dog and meet its physical and mental needs.

Yes. You have guidance from our trainers and training equipment will be provided to you.

No. We welcome people with different qualifications or experience to enhance the charity as a whole; all training is given regarding the dog, with a small insight and awareness to PTSD itself.

Click here to apply and you’ll be contacted by our Hub Managers to talk through foster caring, then an ‘in person’ home check is given.

We aim to process and contact you within a week.

Yes. As long as you’re not leaving the dog for more than two hours initially and properly care for the dog within your working day.

Within the charity we are able to provide holiday or emergency cover to all foster carers throughout the year, but you should always aim to give us as much notice as possible.

All training will be discussed openly with our trainers and the foster carers input is always appreciated.

You will live no longer than an hour’s journey away from the hub you’re applying for.

Yes of course, as long as you can keep up with the demands of the dogs.

You will be able to report this back to the trainers for training plan, or one to one training support can be provided if necessary.

Yes, you will be able to talk to other foster carers within the charity, as well as organised walks together.

Yes, if you wanted to see what goes on at training or even take part if there’s space you are more than welcome to.

Yes, full support and guidance will be given by the charity on each individual dog.

We encourage you to update us regularly, via the support groups.

No, you need to be physically able to cope with the demands of a puppy or adolescent dog of varying sizes.

At the charity we understand people’s lives change quickly, and we can relocate the dog into another foster home if needed but please give as much notice as possible.