Veteran, Glyn with Assistance Dog, Winston

“My wife says she has her husband back. After 30 years in the wilderness there is hope and a future."

Veteran, PJ with Assistance Dog, Dexter

"Dexter has already made a massive impact on all the family."

Veteran, Jordan with Assistance Dog, Teddy

"SDUK have given me something I never thought I would have, some hope that it will be OK."

Veteran, Dave with Assistance Dog, Logi

"The charity have given me my best friend who I know will have my back. That has allowed me to move forward with my life, even with CPTSD. Thank you so very, very much."

Veteran, Glen with Assistance Dog, Beau

"When you have PTSD it’s very individual; your journey, it’s not the same as the next persons. However the training brings you together, it gives you so much benefit and introduces you to new friends... and dogs."

Veteran, Stu with Assistance Dog, Milo

"My anger has eased and I've found myself calmer but also able to do more, but when feeling anxious or down. Milo has been there to help me through it by either physically something to do, or just being with me."

Veteran, Bill with Assistance Dog, Patch

"Out of darkness, if you are fortunate, there is the possibility of light that will come and shine upon you."

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