Supporters Thank You

Spitfire Doors

We are grateful to Spitfire Doors for their sponsorship of our dog, 'Billy Spitfire'!

The Armed Forces Covenant Fund Trust

The generous grant received from the AFCFT allows us to continue our vital work.

Veterans Foundation

We are very grateful for their grant which will allow us to continue helping Veterans of the Armed Forces & Emergency Services.


A company that shares our passion, that want to be the difference! Nutriment is a family business making and selling premium & delightful pet food and sells a variety of rather yummy natural treats as well. They provide us with wonderful and ongoing support, and have done so from the very start!

The Highfield Foundation

We are delighted to announce the support of The Highfield Foundation (Langley Holdings PLC) who have given Service Dogs UK a large grant with the intention to support us over the coming years - they will be making a huge difference to rescue dogs and Veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Service battling daily with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.


Thank you to Ruffwear for being the supplier of our SDUK dog harnesses.