Supporters Thank You

We would like to thank…

Veterans Foundation

We are very grateful for their grant which will allow us to continue helping Veterans of the Armed Forces & Emergency Services.



We are very grateful to have Ruffwear as the supplier of our SDUK dog harnesses.


The Highfield Foundation

The Highfield Foundation

We are delighted to announce the support of The Highfield Foundation (Langley Holdings PLC) who have given Service Dogs UK a large grant with the intention to support us over the coming years – they will be making a huge difference to rescue dogs and veterans of the Armed Forces and Emergency Service battling daily with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

Charlotte Langley, chairwoman of The Highfield Foundation, visited the Invictus Games this year and met various US veterans with PTSD assistance dogs and wondered if the UK had a similar provision… and yes! the UK does, we do! We invited Charlotte to see what we do; meet the dogs and veterans on the programme and it is safe to say she totally got it! We as a team at times still struggle to believe the immense support we receive. Thank you, Charlotte for what we hope will be a wonderful partnership between Service Dogs UK and The Highfield Foundation.


Petplan Charitable Trust

We are extremely grateful for their large grant which will go a long way in supporting us over the next 4 years.




A company that shares our passion, that want to be the difference! Nutriment is a family business making and selling premium & delightful pet food and sells a variety of rather yummy natural treats as well. They provide us with wonderful and ongoing support, and have done so from the very start!


FlexiMed Training

FlexiMed Training Logo

As an ex forces family the services have been a large part of our lives for many years and to some extent always will.

Mental illness awareness has come a long way over the years, however it can still be a taboo area, especially with those that have served their country. They have been trained to protect, be strong and have a structured life and once left the services can find it immensely difficult to find a new life that ‘fits’. This is exasperated if they suffer with a mental illness such as PTSD. PTSD can be so debilitating in many ways; Ways in which ‘ordinary’ people can not understand or see.  For some sufferers just getting out of bed in the morning, or popping to the shop for a pint of milk can be an impossible task.

As a family we know the joy that a dog brings, but for a PTSD sufferer, a dog is more than that. It is motivation,  responsibility, Structure, family, companionship, help. A reason to live. This is why we have chosen to support Service Dogs UK. We want to help them rescue as many dogs as they can, put them through training and match them to veterans who need their help. We want to help make a difference to lives.

Kelly Bough, Partner of FlexiMed Training