A Year To Remember

This week it’s a year since my first session with Service Dogs UK & the first day I met Milo. I knew on that day that he was the dog I wanted but we had a long way to go yet.

Twice a week in the park training alternating the dogs between us three new veterans. Looking at the other veterans training who have accredited and those a bit further ahead in the program and thinking wow look what their dogs can do, amazing.

Fast forward 11 months and we passed our Public Access Course.

What a journey! So many highs, so many good feelings vastly outweighing frustration and bad days.

The call from Garry to say I had been paired with Milo was the best call I’d ever received.

Milo and I can now do all those things thanks to the professional trainers teaching/ coaching and showing you how to succeed. No question is silly, you soon learn with the team, even on non training days help is a text or call away.

Everyone there wants you to succeed and bond with your dog. You learn everything, dog care, grooming, feeding and dog/pet first aid and so much more.

Milo has changed mine and my families lives. I have learnt how to be a husband and father again thanks to him.

He loves being a dog, running around, chasing balls, swimming etc. But he is second to none when it comes to work and looking after and watching out for me.

He gets me out and about, and I feel as if he has my back all the time.

All I have to say is the Service Dogs programme is amazing and I know the trainers/fosterers & all the others behind the scenes find it rewarding and satisfying to see the veterans succeed and have their lives changed.

Thank you Service Dogs UK.

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